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PE – Stockton Schools Sport Partnership

       Stockton Schools’ Sport Partnership 

Mill Lane School is part of The Stockton Schools’ Sport Partnership which involves over 57 primary schools in our area. The emphasis is on encouraging all children to lead a healthy and active lifestyle and how it is important for all children to develop a lifelong enthusiasm for sport and physical activity.

The aim is to create opportunities for children to develop their physical, social and emotional skills through experiencing high-quality PE, competition and sports leadership. This reflects and embeds our Mill Lane PSHCE curriculum.

PE is essential to ensuring your child achieves to the best of their potential. Physical activity improves concentration, attention and cognitive control. Fine and gross motor skills and movement enforce neural (nerve) activity across the corpus callosum, which is the information highway between the left and right hemispheres in your child’s brain.  Each time the nerve pathway is used, it becomes more effective and enables lateral and creative thinking, encouraging the retention of information and application of that information in a variety of situations.

Stockton Schools’ Sports Partnership