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Mill Lane Primary School is committed to providing an inclusive education for all of our pupils. We strive to prepare children to take their place in society and believe that pupils are entitled to an education that is challenging, stimulating, enjoyable and set in a nurturing learning environment. We encourage pupils to reach their full potential in every aspect of school life. Through our professionalism, the high quality of teaching and the enriched learning opportunities that we provide, we know that children will achieve their potential and make progress in all areas of the curriculum that is at least in line with national expectations or above.

We believe that each child is entitled to develop the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes which will allow them to become informed and effective members of the community; the citizens of our future. Through school experiences children will become happy, secure, responsible young people who have a sense of belonging to a community, which in turn is proud of them.

At Mill Lane we aim to:

  • provide a happy, safe, secure, caring, motivating and inclusive environment, reflecting the rich cultural diversity of the local community in which children are aware, thrive and feel valued and where their efforts are encouraged and achievements celebrated;
  • provide a wide range of educational opportunities in a stimulating learning environment which provokes wonderment, offers a sense of possibility and promises hope;
  • provide a learning environment where every child examines the values of the past, makes sense of today and is excited by the future;
  • provide appropriate learning opportunities for all pupils, enabling them to improve on their previous best,  striving to seize further success and to reach their full potential;
  • develop appropriate thinking, learning and communication skills to create develop lively and enquiring minds capable of independent thought and to foster a creative, aesthetic and spiritual awareness;
  • nurture and inspire every child and foster and encourage individual talents to enable them to meet future challenges and embrace opportunities in a changing world so that they can become aware of, and take responsibility for, the world in which they live;
  • encourage a caring attitude for each other, with emphasis on politeness, thoughtfulness, empathy and good manners; our S.T.E.P. approach is promoted throughout the school – Sorry, Thank you, Excuse me, Please;
  • give our children the confidence to use initiative and common sense, enabling them to become independent, adaptable, resilient and socially and morally responsible members of society in which they can contribute.

At Mill Lane we believe that all children have a right to an excellent quality of education and we are committed to ensuring that all children achieve their full potential. We believe that high standards with regard to learning, ensures that children are engaged, challenged and motivated.  Experiences include feeling happy and secure, having a sense of belonging, extending life experiences, achieving the best standards possible, developing a love for learning, a thirst for knowledge and aspiration for the future.  All of our children are engaged, challenged and motivated as learning is brought to life. 21st Century learning means understanding the past and preparing our children for the future. Making learning enjoyable and memorable through first-hand and real-life experiences allows our children to make connections and practically apply the skills they have learned in class.

At Mill Lane Primary School, we are proud of who we are; no-one is invisible, we are all valued and our achievements and talents are celebrated. We are nurtured and supported to grow and develop in a safe and respectful environment. Creativity, challenge and fun are at the heart of our learning. Our community matters to us; our family, our school and our world. We each play a part in improving all our futures by being a responsible citizen. We strive for excellence in all we do; there are no limits to our dreams.

Our aims are best achieved when working in close partnership with pupils, parents, carers, staff, governors and the wider community.  To achieve our aims we place great value on the following all encompassing ‘Handy High 5’ words: