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School Uniform

Our school uniform is a source of pride for our children, parents and staff.  We expect all pupils to wear uniform every day.  Wearing school uniform encourages a strong sense of belonging and pride in Mill Lane Primary.  It is simple and can be bought in many shops in and around Stockton.  The school provides a sweatshirt, PE Kit and book bag for every child in school.  Additional school sweatshirts and book bags may be ordered from the school office.

Uniform can be purchased from local supermarkets. If families are struggling to meet uniform costs, please speak to Mrs Cole for support.

  • Grey/black trousers or  skirt or pinafore or salwaarkameez
  • Grey/black shorts/blue gingham dresses in warmer weather
  • White shirt or polo shirt or blouse
  • Black school shoes or sandals
  • A school sweatshirt or cardigan