Remote Education

Students who are unable to attend school but otherwise well enough to participate in learning can join their class remotely and take part in class lessons.  Where possible, we will offer those students who are self-isolating the opportunity to engage in a ‘remote, blended’ lesson. With the blended model, your child will need to join lessons throughout the day using TEAMS. By using this link, they will enter, ‘virtually’, their own classroom. They will be able to hear their own class teacher teaching,  see what is written on the board, join in during question-and-answer sessions, complete work and receive feedback on their learning. 

Whilst timetables may differ from one class to another, all students will be invited to join the class each morning for an introduction to the day. The teacher will explain what will be taught during the day and remind children how to access learning materials. After this, they will be asked to attend the start of each lesson throughout the day so that they can hear the teaching input and an explanation of any tasks that need to be completed. Children who require additional support and usually access interventions within the classroom, will also be able to access this during remote learning.

If you require the loan of a device or access to WIFI, please contact the school office so that support can be provided.

We recommend the following links to support your child with home learning:


Oxford Owl

Reading Plus



Prodigy Maths