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The children and staff in the Reception class welcome you to our page. Please find photographs of our fantastic work and information for parents.

Staff teaching your children this year are:
Mrs Lee – Teacher and EYFS Lead
Miss Green – Teacher
Mrs Hussain – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Alexander – Teaching Assistant
Miss  Brown – Teaching Assistant

Information for Reception Parents


Each child is given a school reading book to take home. We change books regularly.  Please bring their book bag daily.

We ask that you read these books with your child at home to support their learning in school. Please remember to write a comment!

Please keep in touch…

We know that children learn everywhere, all of the time. We would love to hear about what the children have been learning at home.

If your child has achieved something outside of school we would love to hear about it. This could be that they have learned a new song, written their name or helped you count the socks in the washing!


We love opportunities to share news from home with the class.

If you and your family have had a celebration or taken part in a special event or trip then we would love to know about it.

Please bring photographs so that your child can show their classmates all about it!


Millbert is our class bear.  He loves to visit your homes.  We look forward to hearing all about what you have done when Millbert has been to stay.



In our class workshop, we are always using lots of resources.

If you have any clean boxes, tubes, newspaper, plastic or other items that you do not need then please bring them to school instead of throwing them away.

These resources means that our children can be creative and use different media and materials.