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Year 2 PE

Autumn Term 2018

Year 2 are focussing on building upon their foundation skills and listening & following instructions. They have individual targets for speed, agility and quickness training (SAQ), being spatially aware and hand-eye co-ordination. Year 2 are becoming more independent, challenge each other whilst being encouraging and work with partners and friends.

It’s an obstacle course that involves being spatially aware, moving in different direction, bouncing and keeping control of a basketball and using different hands! We have to do really good thinking.


Individually challenging ourselves as to how many bounces we can achieve before we lose control of the ball. We begin with our dominant hand, then swap and then use alternate hands! Oh the concentration …. and we have to count at the same time.


Practising our ‘ball ready’ stance, feet hips distance apart, soft knees, arms and hands at the ready …. and it’s a catch!

  Partner practise and intra team events.  

A certain someone doing his best impression of his Dad!


  Joy is Magical. ‘Try, practise, succeed.’


These are the Mill Lane Basketballers and Netballers of the future, the A Team, B Team, C Team, D Team …….