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SSP Athletics Final and SEND Athletics


Stockton School’s Sports Athletics Final & SEND Athletics

Our very own Shayden Hodgson, Year 4, won a place Howler throwing at the Stockton Athletics Final. We are so very proud of his determination and accomplishment. Having completed his own event he then mentored our other amazing team of the day, showing the children where to go, what to do, cheering and being a true sport leader. It was a truly magical day, the children showed amazing sportsmanship, resilience and camaraderie. They behaved impeccably, were fantastic ambassadors for our school and thoroughly enjoyed the competitive experience.



I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it was for the speech and language children to return to school with all their medals! The ARP teachers and TAs were in tears, our school secretary was so overcome she immediately sought Mrs Skillcorn – our Head Teacher – to come and join in the ‘jingle jangle’ medal celebration. Our children’s parents were so proud of their children’s bravery, determination and team work. It proves the importance of  promoting high quality, meaningful and inclusive PE and school sport. We work to raise our children’s aspirations, equip them with the skills to be competitive, manage challenge and adversity, provide every inclusive opportunity and have high expectations of all our children to achieve. It was just awesome, so much so, that they have to return to Middlesbrough Sports Village next Wednesday, (Wednesday 20th June) to the Tees Valley Schools Games County Finals!



The Athletics Tournament is a Stockton School’s Sports Partnership Inter School event that is organised by Emma Turnbull and Rose Mullins. Each event – 60m sprint, hurdles, 600m run, long jump, standing triple jump, howler, chest press – is overseen by Sport Leaders (students) attending Northfield School, Billingham. On return to school the adults accompanying our squad reported that these Sports Leaders were,… “amazing, the events were coached and officiated by the Northfield students! They had excellent communication skills, clearly and simply explaining what the primary children were to do. They inspired confidence and motivated each child. They showed patience and amazing senses of humour. They clearly worked well together. They had excellent organisation and recording skills, were understanding of individual’s needs, sensitive and supportive. They encouraged and cheered each child, congratulating each and every child as they finished. A credit to Northfield School. Today will be a day our children remember forever, they are so proud of their medals.”

Tees Valley Schools Games County Finals