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Children-versus-Teaching Staff

Children-versus-Teaching Staff

Wednesday 18th July 20818

It is a tradition that every child at Mill Lane School looks forward to … the annual Year 6, “Beat the Teachers” School Sports Games Day.

This year, we called upon the professionals. Our Schools Games Organiser and Stockton School Sports Partnership Co-Ordinator Emma Turnbull kindly umpired the Netball Matches. July is an extremely busy time for our School Sports Co-Ordinators and we would like to say how much we appreciate Rose and Emma’s continued support and involvement in Mill Lane School Sport and PE. Our Mill Lane Specialist Kwik Cricket Coach umpired the Kwik Cricket Match and our very own Mrs Cooke, returning for the day from maternity leave – with baby, scored the Rounders.



There were three matches in total, 8 minutes each way – High 5 Rules applied. Everybody involved gave it 100%, no allowances were made for age or height! The children were bounce passing, dodging, changing direction, finding space, changing pace, marking, aiming, shooting goals and effectively communicating both verbally and non-verbally to play strategically to even the adult’s height advantage. They were amazing.


Our children know the High 5 Netball Rules – they can and do umpire games. So they were very eagle eyed and calling, ‘replay, bounce for possession, contact, obstruction, footwork,’ – just in case the umpire hadn’t seen it! Emma was amazing, very impartial under pressure! Whilst ensuring the games reflected the values of team work, self belief, determination, honesty, respect and passion – neither side was giving an inch!

The Results

Mill Lane A Team 6 – Teaching Staff 2

Mill Lane B Team 6 – Teaching Staff 6

Mill Lane C Team 3 – Teaching Staff 13


At the end of play everyone shook hands and congratulated each other. The children were so proud they had won and drawn against the teaching staff.


Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 children comprise a team against the teaching staff for Rounders. The children practise at break and lunch times – many tennis balls are lost and never rediscovered. Rules have to be re-explained yearly, the adults are strategic not to bat in front of a known ‘fast’ adult in fear of being ‘ran out’ ….






It was very close, and at the final call there were only 2 Rounders in it ……. the teaching staff won ….. well done teachers!

Kwik Cricket

Kwik Cricket is a fully inclusive game where the emphasis is on competition, participation and enjoyment. It is specifically tailored for children up to the age of 11. Each Kwik Cricket team has eight players, placed into pairs who bat for six overs. Games are played with a plastic bat, ball and two wickets. The children outnumbered the adults 3:1 so the adults had to bat 3 times. This is a new event to our, ‘children versus the teaching staff’ school sport games day and the all female teaching staff team had never played before, yet valiantly stepped forward and listened intently to the instruction and rules! Go Ladies! ….





The Final Results was …… Teaching Staff 40 – Year 6 Children 23. Nobody was more amazed than the teaching staff, who were jubilant in their celebrations! Proving that if you have a positive mindset, anything is possible.


As a celebration of the children’s sporting achievements this academic year, we had a pizza picnic party on the field with school games. Mill Lane have had an amazing Sporting Academic 2017-2018. We would like to extend our thanks to all who have helped and supported us, especially parents and carers who have waited patiently for returning coaches and ensured consent letters were signed promptly. Thank you all.