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At Mill Lane we aim to develop and nurture our children, so that they become confident mathematicians for the future. We want them to know and understand the purpose, relevance and importance of mathematics in everyday life. Our intention is for every child to be number confident so that they can make a valued contribution for themselves, the wider community and the world around them.

Mathematics at our school is based on the new (2014) Mathematics Curriculum for year groups 1 to 6 and the Early Learning Goals for Foundation Stage. The new curriculum programmes of study are used to give a balanced and broad curriculum to all of our pupils; this includes the statutory and non-statutory aspects of the curriculum.

Through the teaching of Mathematics at Mill Lane School, we aim for all children to develop: 

  • A sound understanding of number, calculations, shape, space and measures and handling and interpreting data. 
  • A wide variety of mental and written methods for carrying out calculations and solving problems. 
  • A broad range of skills, which can be applied both within school and in their everyday lives. 
  • To develop logical thinking and reasoning skills through a natural curiosity and investigative approach 
  • A positive and enthusiastic attitude towards Mathematics. 
  • A deep and lasting interest in Mathematics

We adopt a ‘mastery’ approach to Mathematics at Mill Lane. Through this approach, we encourage children to make links across mathematical concepts and embed deep understanding.

For more information, please go to long term plans.