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Nursery Saltburn Adventure 2018

Nursery Saltburn Adventure

In July Mrs Conlin was brave enough to take the entire Nursery to Saltburn. With two huge busses full of over excited 3 and 4 year olds we set off on an adventure to:

  • explore and get to know new materials. Children learn through their senses and the beach is a perfect natural laboratory. Our children were able to recognize, through their touch and sight, different materials like dry sand, wet sand, rocks, shells, hot sand, water.
  • see and hear the sound of the sea ….
  • fall madly in love with nature. Small curious crabs, silver fish, shy hermit crabs, small snails and busy ants: what a lot of new creatures you can meet on the beach!
  • experience clean air and salt water. It is scientifically proven that sea air is good for health. It contains in fact several mineral salts like sodium chloride, magnesium and iodine that, among other things, clear the respiratory tract and make it stronger in the event of a cold or cough. In particular, iodine is so necessary when growing because it contributes to the regular thyroid function. Seawater naturally contains mineral salts like copper, sodium and sulphur; it has antibacterial properties which help heal in the event of atopic dermatitis.
  • experience sun exposure The sun brings huge benefits to the body, first of all it stimulates vitamin D synthesis and helps bones to grow harmoniously. Sun exposure improves mood and regulates good sleep, provided that you take the necessary precautions to protect your child: sunscreen and hat.
  • be distracted indefinitely The sea offers the opportunity to move around, run, play, joke around, setting your body free after many months spent at home or at the nursery school. It allows to fully exploit the potential of the beach: to build sand castles to play marbles, to fly kites, to splash mom and dad.
  • interact with other children The seaside is very important for children to play and make friends, encouraging resilience and stamina.


Our children and their families had an amazing day. Thank you Mrs Conlin for being so brave and determined.