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Spanish Club

Autumn Term Spanish Club Updates

Spring Term Spanish Club Updates

As part of our Spanish club this term, the children are learning about; family members, our age, seasons, and different types of weather. We are continuing to learn through singing, games and simple conversations. The children are also being encouraged to write letters and words that we are learning; which also helps with their handwriting!

Cuantos anos tienes?

In week 1 we thought about the numbers 1 to 10 that we had previously learned and began to think about the question ‘cuantos anos tienes?’, ‘how old are you?’ The children were introduced to the concept of ‘tengo’ for saying their age and then used their understanding of numbers to 10 to say how old they are. We practised saying ‘Tengo cinco anos’ or ‘Tengo seis anos’ through a game and by singing. The children then had fun drawing pictures of themselves and their friends. They added a short caption to say how old they are!

Spanish Club Week 1 Images

La Familia

In week 2 we began to look at talking about who is in our family. The children listened to, and joined in with, a song all about family members. They came across key people such as ‘la madre’, ‘el padre’, ‘el hermano’, ‘la hermana’, ‘el abuelo’, and ‘la abuela’. For our activity, the children had the choice of doing a ‘la familia’ word search or making a booklet with lovely pictures and spanish labels of their family. We had lots of fun making them!

Las Estaciones

In week 3 we began by recapping the days of the week and months of the year in Spanish. The children did this through joining in with catchy songs and a matching activity; in which they had to match the days of the week in English to the correct one in Spanish. We then moved on and thought about how the months are broken up into seasons. For our main activity, the children drew pictures of what might happen in each season and labelled them using our knowledge of the names of the seasons.


In week 4, as it was our last week before the half term holidays, the children enjoyed a range of online Spanish games! We went onto 123TeachMe and explored different topics that we had previously learned. This included games linked to colours, people, numbers, animals, and food. The children were showing that they could apply some vocabulary they had learned to a range of exciting games!

Spring 2- El tiempo

To begin the half term, we recapped our knowledge of the seasons. We thought about what the weather would be like in each season and learned some tricky vocabulary, such as ‘hace frio’, ‘hace calor’, ‘hace buen tiempo’ and ‘hace mal tiempo’. The children did some matching activities; joining the pictures to the correct words. We learned through singing and a colouring activity. The children had to work out which numbers matched each of the colours and could then decorate their seasons and weather pictures!

Los numeros a veinte

This week in Spanish Club we continued to think about numbers; we used our understanding of numbers to 10 and extended it to numbers to 20. The children learned through songs, actions, and counting out amounts of objects. We also matched objects to the correct number cards in Spanish and played a game of bingo! The children enjoyed counting amounts on pictures and choosing the correct colours to complete their pictures. We know the numbers uno, dos, tres, cuatro and cinco well now!

La Pascua

This week, as part of our final week before Easter, we recapped lots of vocabulary from the year. We practised saying ‘hola’, ‘adios’, ‘buenos dias’, ‘me llamo’ and ‘como estas?’ The children had a conversation with each other where they had a go at asking and answering questions involving these key words and phrases in Spanish.

Following this, the children thought about words linked to Easter. We then learned some of these words in Spanish. This included: ‘el chocolate’- chocolate, ‘los corderos’- lambs, el pollito- the chick, ‘las flores’- flowers, and ‘el conejo’- a rabbit. We then did a listening and colouring activity where the children had to follow the instructions (in Spanish) about the colour of Easter eggs and colour them correctly. The children had a range of activities to choose from. They could: do a word search linked to Easter items; make an Easter card; or draw an Easter picture and add labels in Spanish.

La Pascua

La La