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Class 7 and Class 8 Sports Festival

Hoopstarz, Ultimate Frisbee, Multi Sports, Football, Boccia, Dance, Volleyball and Tennis Carousel

Tuesday 23rd October; Durham University, Queen’s Campus; 9.30am – 12.30pm


The activities included a carousel of Hoopstarz, Ultimate Frisbee, Multi Sports, Football, Boccia, Dance, Volleyball and Tennis. It was delivered in a non-competitive environment that enabled the adults to join in! We have chosen 40 of our favourite photos …. thank you Mrs Pickering.

PE provides opportunities to practise and increase skills in;

  • understanding and meandering space – defining space, understanding personal space, depth perception and kinaesthetic movements
  • communication – understanding instructions, focussing and listening to team mates, quickening processing time.
  • processing sensory information – hyper sensitivity to noise, touch, smell, light may affect the pupil’s ability to process information and affect behaviour, PE is a safe environment in which to practise processing this external stimuli
  • social skills – co-operation, turn taking, sharing, negotiation, understanding rules and following them
  • skill acquisition – repeated movements and routines can quicken response and retention of skills and information
  • gross motor skills – any movement requiring whole body movement and which involve the large (core stabilising) muscles of the body to perform everyday functions, such as standing and walking, running and jumping, and sitting upright at the table. PE strengthens the body so that these movements are possible.

The above can prove tricky for mainstream children, so we can only imagine how much resilience and extra effort it takes our Class 7 and Class 8 children to achieve in PE at the high standard they do.

Their faces tell the story.

Oh the competitiveness of Mrs Pickering and Mrs Bainbridge – neither of whom have perfected the Daddy Shark Frisbee manoeuvre. Check out Mrs Pickering’s Air Leap! Sign her up for the athletics standing vertical jump, she’s short …. but she stretches.


Mill Lane are partial to Hoopstarz, Year 1 (at the KS1 Festival), Class 7 and Class 8 loved it so much they asked Miss Brown for Hoopstarz to come into school ….. it has already been organised …. within an afternoon. The voice of children is heard and listened to at Mill Lane.


Mr Hamer could make these ……


It’s a life skill – hanging out the washing ……… no no no ….. it’s a game….. that Class 7 and Class 8 are going to try next PE lesson …… good luck ….


Poor Rose ….. although she looks to be enjoying herself!


And now to throw some moves ….


We might try the above in, ‘Wake Up, Shake Up!’ ….. maybe ….

As always, the children were an absolute delight, amazingly behaved and showed resilience in trying all the new activities. We are so so so proud of you guys, well done.