Year 4

We have had an amazing year in year 4! We have a studied a wide range of topics and developed our Maths and English skills. Our topics have included: Road Trip USA, Traiders and Raiders, Blue Abyss, I am Warrior, Burps, Bottoms and Bile and Potions. The topics have allowed us to develop our historical and geographical knowledge as well as being able to apply our writing skills. Alongside our topic, we have studied RE, PSHE and Science. If you would like more information about each topic you can download our curriculum document below. 

Please click here to find out more about the Year 4 curriculum.

Road Trip USA

Year 4 started the year on a road trip through the USA. We flew straight from Newcastle airport to JFK, New York (virtually anyway)!

We developed our map skills and searched for famous landmarks. We also explored the history of America and had discussions about key people from the country. 

We all found out how to send an email; we used this knowledge to reserve hotel rooms for our amazing adventure.

Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Year 4 spent the second part of the Autumn term exploring what goes on inside their bodies.

We starting by taking a look inside of our mouth. We explored the importance of taking care of our teeth and how to clean them correctly. After looking at our teeth, we looked at the adventure our food takes from entering our mouths to exiting our body.

Traders and Raiders

After the Christmas break, we explored the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.

We used maps of the UK to locate key cities and to discuss the areas where Anglo Saxons and Vikings Settled. We found out what items the Vikings brought to Great Britain and the trade impacted on Great Britain. Some of the items they traded included: silver, silk, wine and jewellery. 

In addition to selling material property, the Vikings were also well known for trading slaves!!

Blue Abyss

Shortly before the Easter break, we explored the seven seas.

We used atlases to find the names and locations of different seas and oceans across the world. We also had the chance to explore the difference between a sea and ocean.

We found out about life under the sea; the class particulaurly enjoyed writing their own version of Finding Nemo, which were amazing!


It all got magical in year 4 after the Easter break; this is when we explored the world of potions.

We all designed our own magical potion; we made very clear safety labels to put on the bottles because they were so dangerous. We also had to write instructions so we can remember how to make them in the future.

Also, we looked at the Great Plague and the impact it had upon England; we focused on the role of the Plague doctor.

I am Warrior

We ended the year exploring the Celts and Romans.

We explored Celtic round houses and compared them to the houses we live in today; we also had the opportunity to make our own celtic round house. After making our houses, we wrote a persuasive advert to try and sell them.

We found it really interesting exploring the battle which Queen Boudicca had with the Roman army. This led to some really interesting creative writing.