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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4. Mr Abbott and Miss Spence will use this page to keep you updated about things that are happening in Year 4. We are really excited about the exciting topics that we will be covering over the rest of the academic year. We have an open door policy, so if you have any concerns or issues, please feel free to approach us and we will try our best to alleviate these. Miss Spence will be working the beginning part of the week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, whilst Mr Abbott will be working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Misty Mountain Sierra


In Year 4, our topic this half term is ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’. Children will be able to research and discover exciting facts about the world’s most famous mountains and how different mountains across the world are formed. We will become authors of exciting adventure stories with a mountainous setting and discover how and why volcanoes erupt, what happens in the ‘water cycle’ and ee may even become mountaineers for a day!

Homework Expectations


Homework has been proven to really help with children’s learning. It can consolidate and build upon learning that has taken place in the classroom. In Year 4, your child will be given homework on a Friday, this will consist of 1 piece of English homework, most likely a SPAG activity and 1 piece of Maths homework, that will be linked to our learning that week. The children will have until the following Friday to complete and return their homework.





On a Monday, your child will be given their spellings that are to be learnt that week. The spelling test will take place on a Friday. 






Clay Mountains

 As part of our ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’ topic, we have been using clay to make some mountain models. We looked at images of famous mountains and mountain ranges from around the world, such as the Himalayas and Mount Everest, and tried to re-create these using clay. Once they dried, we spent and afternoon painting these. We had a fantastic time doing these!


The Water Cycle

We are using ICT to bring the water cycle to life in Year 4. Using GIF’s that we have created, we then imported these into our own PowerPoint presentations, in order to demonstrate the different stages in the process.