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Sports Premium

The vision of PE within Mill Lane Primary School is to engage all children in a broad and balanced curriculum which builds confidence and promotes self-belief. It will give children a sense of achievement to and the opportunity to take part in a variety of physical activities which allows the development of fundamental life skills.

At Mill Lane we aim to provide a broad and balanced PE curriculum and aid children’s increasing self-confidence in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations.

We aim to develop the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, so they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities.

Through a balance of individual, paired and group activities we aim to cater for the different strengths, needs and preferences of each child, using differentiated activities where appropriate.

We believe that through the variety of opportunities that PE offers, children can develop a sense of personal achievement, fair play, teamwork and competitive participation.

All children are encouraged to join clubs and extend their interest and involvement in sports. We encourage children to develop their creative and expressive abilities through improvisation and problem-solving. Children are taught to appreciate the importance of a healthy and fit body and begin to understand those factors which affect health and fitness. This work is closely aligned with our policy on Personal, Social, Health and Citizen Education (PSHCE).

Through the Government Funding for sport, where possible, the school will provide opportunities for pupils to work with PE specialists. The funding will support PE training by providing opportunities for teachers to work alongside specialists. Different experiences for different age groups ensure all will experience a range of appropriate challenges as they move through the school.


Primary School Sports Premium Information

Sports Premium  Allocation 2017-18