Homework Timetable

Reading: Please read with your child every night, and ensure that reading books are in their book bags every day. Books will be changed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Repeated reading of the same book will improve fluency, build confidence and understanding of new vocabulary. Difficult vocabulary will be written by a member of staff in their reading records. Please write down any other words that arise during home reading  that your child has difficulty understanding and staff will build them into their comprehension sessions.

Spelling: Please return the red spelling books every Wednesday. Practice the words every night to help build up your child’s spelling ability.

Yellow Homework Book: This homework book will contain maths, literacy and homework for other curriculum areas. Please return this book every Friday.


Please help your child to complete their homework.

Ensure that:

-homework is completed in pencil only

-mistakes are rubbed out (not crossed out or scribbled out)

-your child does their neatest work in their book.

Home-School Communication

Please check your child’s book bag daily for notes, and read the home-school book in case there is a message from school staff. Please use the book to write any messages you have for staff. If it is an urgent matter please call the school office.

Talking Time

Use the Home-School book to write about any significant events that happen over the weekend, during the week or on holidays. This will enable staff to support your child when they are sharing during “Talking Time”. Photographs are also a useful tool that can help your child remember key details about an event and can be slipped inside the Home-School book to share with the class.