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Making Friends with Cleveland Police

People Who Help US

Class 7 and 8 are learning about, ‘People who help us.’ As part of this topic work Cleveland Police popped by for a visit to explain how the police help us, answer questions and provide an opportunity for each child to experience climbing in and out of a, ‘Riot Support Van!’ with the lights and siren blazing …. great fun.

The visit supported our teaching of British Values with the Officers highlighting the importance of community belonging, democracy, liberty, equality, peace, tolerance, justice, respect and making ‘good choices’ that keep us and everybody else safe. Every child had the opportunity to talk to the Custody Sergeant over the radio back at the station, wear the handcuffs, sit in ‘the cage’ and ‘drive’ the Riot Van. The children were asking lots of questions and sharing experiences.

Thank you to the Officers, T/PS Brown and PC Smith, who came to visit. The Officers commented how well behaved and polite our Mill Lane children are, asked them to say ‘hello’ or ‘wave’ if they see Police Officers out and about, and promised to come back soon for another visit.

Before they left, the Officers locked someone in the cage at the back of the van, and considered driving her to the ‘Custody Suite’.


Oh dear …..