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On Tuesday 30th April, Year 5 visited Preston Hall Museum as a starter to our summer topic ‘Revolution’. We found out lots of interesting information about the Victorian period and took part in the Victorian School Day Workshop. During the strict school day workshop we found out first-hand what school was like for Victorian children, took part in lessons and learnt to write our names with a dip pen and ink.

‘’Wearing the Dunce’s hat was very interesting. I had to wear the Dunce’s hat because in Victorian times you could not write with your left hand, you had to write with your right hand. When you wear the Dunce’s hat you have to face the chalkboard. Sometimes in Victorian times if you wear the Dunce hat you have to stand on a stool’’. Faith

‘’I had to wear the finger stocks because I kept on fidgeting with my hands. I was painful because you have to stand with your arms straight for an hour and it would hurt your arm muscles’’. Subhan

‘’When we walked into the museum I felt like it was going to be boring, but when we saw all of the Victorian things it amazed me and it wasn’t boring. The school activity was fun but Miss Brown the Victorian teacher was very strict. I had a good day and learnt lots of new things.’’ Ella